It's hard for me to write this, but the time has come.

Metalireland has been eighteen hugely rewarding years of my life.

It's been there that long for some of you guys too, which is an amazing thing to think of.

But its time now draws to a close.

Everything has a season. I have decided that MI's is over.

I thank you all so very, very much for the community you have been, and are.

It has been a pleasure to have helped it along.

But the internet, social media: these things change. It's all evolving, so very very quickly.

What made MI so cool for so many years no longer entirely serves that purpose. So I'm choosing a line in the sand.

Closing it is hard, because I've come to see it as a little oasis in our current digital low culture.

A very large part of me wants to keep defending that. But that comes with consequences for me, of a continued huge amount of time, effort and money.

So rather than see it diminish and age, demanding ever more of scant resource, it has to go, and now.

That means not only the site, but the forums - the community. I'm conscious this may be briefly saddening for you guys who have shaped and been that online community for so long.

I know its in so many of our little routines, our muscle memory. I'm sorry to take that away.

But I'm hoping you guys can all use this as one less reason to be checking the internet. I know I need fewer reasons, not more, to check my phone.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on music over the last two decades. It is an incredible gift to be able to set an idea down and know it will be read. Thank you, sincerely, for that.

Thank you also to the writers that gave their time, effort and energy to MI. You know who you are: you are each brilliant.

We didn't rehash press releases, we said what we thought.

I hope to have another project on the go soon, sharing some writing, after a bit of a break. I'll maybe spread word if you'd like to join me there, or be involved. The Metal Insight Podcast will remain, for now.

If you'd like to get in touch, you still can at

Metalireland served the Irish metal community for nearly twenty years.

If you have used it, enjoyed it, benefitted from it - please consider throwing a tip in the jar.

Donate anything you can, and show that that time, work and effort was in some small way meaningful to you. My heartfelt thanks.

So... this is very, very hard. This has been just shy of half my life.

But in the words of Chuck Schuldiner... Looking not back, but forward, it's time to bite the pain.

It's time for a new story.

Metalireland is now at an end. It remains copyright, by the way: and that will be pursued.

Thank you all so very sincerely
2000 - 2018